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University Identity

Kyung Hee University's University Identity (UI), which has represented the University on and off campus for the past 60 years, has been renewed.

The traditional symbol representing the University's founding principles and visions of "creating a civilized world" and "building a better society" has been reborn visually as a seal, an emblem, and a character mark. The new UI embodies Kyung Hee's vision to build upon the University's 60-year history to rise to the ranks of the world's most prestigious institutions.

University Seal

While retaining the founding principles of the original seal, the new design concept represents Kyung Hee's future ideal of contributing to the creation of a better global community by establishing new common values. The image of the official seal was taken from the embossed carvings placed in the Central Library of the Global Campus and the lobby of the Graduate Institute of Peace Studies and its imprint will be used on official internationally recognized documents and international events.


The symbol is the Chinese character for "university" and has a world map in the background. This symbolizes Kyung Hee's vision for globalization as well as an open mind and humanism for the world.

Character Mark

The character mark visualizes the Kyung Hee Spirit with the dignified mane of the Laughing Lion, the torch which sheds light on the truth, and the dove, an international symbol of peace. Sports teams and various University promotional products use the character mark to proliferate Kyung Hee's brand value throughout the world.

Magnolia is the official flower of Kyung Hee University and the Magnolia logo embodies the qualities that Kyung Hee stands for such as resilience, beauty, generosity, and unity. Along with the other character mark of the University, the Laughing Lion, the Magnolia represents the cultural aspect of Kyung Hee.